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War in Heaven is a quickly made fighting game that pits Michael the Archangel vs Lucifer (who would later become the Devil once he was kicked out of heaven).

Player 1 Controls:

Move, crouch, jump = W, A, S, D

Light Punch & Character Select = T
Medium Punch = Y
Heavy Punch = U
Light Kick = G
Medium Kick = H 
Heavy Kick = J

Player 2 Controls:

Move, crouch, jump = Arrow Keys

Light Punch & Character Select = Insert
Medium Punch = Delete
Heavy Punch = Home
Light Kick = End
Medium Kick = Page Up 
Heavy Kick = Page Down

Michael/Lucifer are based on the UFE Mecanim Bot/Joan Characters

I couldn't get the game to build for WebGL and it seems as though it may be a Unity or an UFE issue as documented here:


Use the mouse and the left mouse button to navigate and make menu selections (forgot to add this earlier)


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linux.zip 69 MB

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