A downloadable game for Windows

How to Play / Story of the Game

WSAD or UP down left and right keys = Move around
spacebar = jump around

Jump on tiny monsters to defeat them! / Avoid spikes to live!
Collect stars to regain health! / Collect coins just because!
lookout for checkpoint flagpoles! / lookout for doors to the next llevel!

Our Hero Pre-Alpha has been summoned to defeat the tiny monsters 
running wild across the land. But is he ready yet? What bugs haven't been 
worked out of her system? Oh well, lets just call them special features

Featuring such awesome technology  "features" as:
Flashing stage level blocks (from polygon overlap)
No jump sound effects! no way to die gameplay technology (we think...) 
No way to skip the credits once they start playing technology!

Have fun!

Install instructions

Unzip the PAA file and double click the "prealpha_adventures.exe" to play. Enjoy!


PAA.zip 22 MB

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