Planet Space Hacker Adventures is a small single player game created for the Lux Jam 2!


Help Space Hacker to find the planets 20 Comic Disks!


(partial Xbox 360 controller support / in game but not in menus)

Use W,S,A,D keys or arrow keys to move around
Use Mouse to look around / adjust camera
Use Esc key to pause

Made with the following free Unity Asset Store Assets:

Stylized Astronaut by PULSAR BYTES
Vast Outer Space by Prodigious Creations
Full Menu System - FREE by SpeedTutor
LEGO® Microgame Rocks by Unity Technologies
Space Game BGM #1 by B.G.M
Third Person Controller FREE by Invector
Open Source Pause Menu by Eric Zhu


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I love little games like this, one of the reasons why I love gaming!

Such a cute little game!

Yo sketche99

Love your game and the chara design of it ! 

I might steal them